The Toilets At Home Are All Gender Neutral – Short Cuts – BBC Radio 4

It’s extremely cool to me that a piece I made a couple of years ago – The Toilets At Home Are All Gender Neutral – just went out on the series finale ep of Short Cuts on Radio 4!

I made this piece during my MA, so it’s amazing to hear it on the actual radio all this time later. It’s about what it’s like trying to use public toilets when you’re trans or gender non-conforming. I really liked that after the piece played, Josie read out this thing I wrote in an email (and people listening to the radio had no choice but to hear her say it, heh heh):

I’m happy that this piece is going on the radio now, because for all the talk about trans people in the media, and the focus on whether we should be able to freely use public spaces like toilets, you don’t often get to hear from trans people about why this stuff matters and how it really affects us.

You should listen to the whole Short Cuts episode, which also features amazing pieces by Ed Prosser, Scottee and Jonathan Zenti. But you can also here just my piece on my Soundcloud here:

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