KCRW 24hr Radio Race 2020 – TIME WARP!

Me and my pal Jess decided to enter the KCRW 24hr Radio Race for the first time this year. KCRW released the theme – TIME WARP – at 10am PST, which was 6pm GMT. And then we had 24 hours to make a four minute radio piece.

All we knew in advance was we wanted to take advantage of the fact that time zone differences meant it’d be night time when we were collecting tape. So we hoped we’d be able to get on our bikes and do a night time cycling adventure. Once we got the theme we did some brainstorming, and decided to make a piece about queer futures, imagining, and whether we could track down our future selves in the London night…

Our idea turned out to be very ambitious for four minutes, and we had to do some brutal last minute cutting. But this is what we ended up making!

We did a lot of documenting our night time adventure on Twitter, and as a result we actually won the Social Butterfly Award! We are planning a cycling trip from London to Paris once we’re allowed to travel again (post-COVID), and we plan to spend ALL our prize money on French cheese.

Some of our pics from the night below. I will definitely enter the race again, it was really really fun.

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