I’m a freelance audio producer, sound designer and mix engineer based in big ol’London. My pronouns are he/him.

I’ve made documentaries and podcasts for clients like BBC Sounds, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4VICETate, The TimesChanel, The BarbicanThe Allusionist, The Browser, RyanairScottee and Doc Society.

I’m used to producing projects from start to finish, which means I can work on every stage of the process – from idea development to recording, editing, scripting, sound design and mixing. I do this for projects ranging from one-on-one conversation podcasts through to complex, sound rich audio documentaries.

What I’m doing right now…

At the moment I am specifically looking for mixing and/or sound design gigs. I work in Reaper and would love to help you make your project sound beautiful. My background is in audio production and storytelling where the sound really matters, and I bring that experience and sensibility to my mixes and sound design. So please get in touch if you’d like to work with me in that capacity.

A few examples of things I’ve made…

  • A Positive Life: HIV from Terrence Higgins to Today (BBC Wales / BBC Sounds)
    An 8-part podcast series presented by Sam Smith; telling stories of HIV in the UK, starting with the life of Terrence Higgins. This show won Podcast of the Year at the British Podcast Awards in 2023
  • Animal (BBC Radio 4)
    A five part documentary series exploring how humans relate to other animals
    A project for the London Borough of Culture (Brent 2020). Our show ‘VENT Documentaries’ won Podcast of the Year at the British Podcast Awards in 2021
  • Doctor Who: Redacted (BBC)
    I created the sound of “redaction” for this new Doctor Who podcast, and sound designed a number of key scenes where characters were “redacted” from reality
  • Kaleidoscope (BBC Radio 4)
    A documentary about trans youth and the UK media, and how we can we can all engage critically with the media we see, hear and read (finalist for an Amnesty Media Award, 2022)
  • Stories of our times (The Times & The Sunday Times)
    The Times’s daily current affairs / documentary podcast, where I’ve produced episodes as well as doing sound design and mixing
  • Who’s A Good Dog
    A delightful and wholesome interview show, where Kate Leaver speaks to people about the best topic on earth, dogs
  • Soundhouse (The Barbican)
    I curated a listening room for the Barbican’s Soundhouse project in 2020, on the theme ‘Intimacy and distance’
  • NB (BBC Sounds)
    A podcast series hosted by C Benedict and Amrou Al-Kadhi which aimed to ‘dismantle the gender binary, one big question at a time’
  • Chanel Connects (Chanel)
    Creative legends like Tilda Swinton, Pharrell Williams, Edward Enninful and many more, in conversation on topics ranging from art, music, fashion, architecture and beyond
  • Pride & Joy (BBC Sounds)
    A podcast series about queer families, hosted by journalist Freddy McConnell
  • Climb When Ready (Short Cuts for BBC Radio 4)
    A short documentary about indoor climbing and being trans, which won the Miller Audio Prize in 2020, in the documentary category

You can hear more of my work over on SoundCloud or by looking through the posts on the homepage of this site.

My interests

I like working on things that feel meaningful in some way – maybe because they’re fascinating or joyous, or they help us understand the world better, or they’re connected to the arts or culture sectors. I love doing queer stories, and I’m a trans person myself so that’s something I have a particular interest in. I am also very into helping other people learn how to make their own audio projects, and I’d like to work on more projects where I can do teaching, mentoring and that sort of thing.

I get especially excited by audio made by people who don’t normally get listened to, people doing creative things in a DIY way, and people using the medium to explore the ways they’re being marginalised by society (plus how they use audio to push back against that marginalisation).

Ideally I want to work on projects that make the world better somehow. I think that can mean lots of different things, but we all kind of know it when we see it.

In my spare time, I am part of the organising team for Multitrack and I am also on the board of trustees. Multitrack is a charity that works to provide substantial opportunities for emerging producers, while also pushing production companies (and the wider industry) to address issues of accessibility and inclusivity within radio and podcasting.

The main thing we do at the moment is run an audio producer fellowship aimed at supporting emerging producers from underrepresented backgrounds to get a break into the radio and podcasting industry.

The fellowship provides paid placements at independent production companies, a networking and training programme, and opportunities (and support) to pitch for commissions with platforms like the BBC.