International Trans Person Helpline – Antibody / The Dig

This is a collaboration between me and my good friend (and amazing audio producer) Cassius Adair. We made this piece for the first episode of Antibody, a narrative audio series from The Dig (Jacobin magazine’s podcast).

The series features a whole load of stories around COVID-19. Ours looks at the UK and US healthcare systems, and how being trans under those systems has equipped us in certain ways for the current health crisis. It features Cass teaching me how to self-inject testosterone over Skype.

I’m really happy we got to make this piece, and that our editors at The Dig allowed us to make it exactly how we wanted. I think that is so important when it come to trans people talking about trans experiences.

You can hear the whole first episode, featuring our piece, here. And you can subscribe to the whole series by searching for Antibody in your podcast app. I’ve also uploaded just our piece to Soundcloud too:

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