Pride & Joy – BBC Sounds

Over the last few months I’ve been working alongside producer Dasha Lisitsina, and host Freddy McConnell, to make a new BBC Sounds podcast – Pride & Joy. It’s an eight part series about how queers have kids. We’re hearing stories from all kinds of different queer people, about their journeys to parenthood.

It was really awesome to help these stories get told. As part of the process, I spent many many hours on the phone to loads of different queer people, hearing about their lives, their families, their hopes and dreams… It was really amazing and kind of emotional. One thing I really noticed was that a lot of the people seemed like they’d had very little opportunity to talk to anyone about the challenges and obstacles they’d been facing. So I think our whole team is hoping that queer people with families, or dreams of creating families, find this an affirming listen.

This is a BBC Sounds podcast which was produced at Somethin’ Else, where I currently work as a producer.

You can listen to all the episodes here:

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