VENT – London Borough of Culture, Brent 2020 x VICE

One thing I’m doing right now – AND LOVING ? – is working on this collab between VICE and Brent Council, as part of the London Borough of Culture programme.

Brent is the London Borough of Culture for 2020, and our small team at VICE is working with young people (age 16-20) from Brent to make lots of podcasts and audio documentaries over the year. First we have VENT Weekly, which is a weekly show hosted by some amazing young people from the borough. In each episode, they talk to journalists and experts about topics they care about. Check out the latest episodes:

As well as the weekly podcast, we’ll be releasing a total of 24 audio documentaries, across four series covering Politics & Identity, Love & Relationships, Youth Culture and Crime & Justice. Each documentary is hosted by a different young person from Brent, exploring a topic or idea that they’ve chosen. The first series of docs will start coming out in April 2020.

I’m lucky to be working on this for two days a week until September, alongside my job as a producer at Somethin’ Else.

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