I’m excited to be back at the London Podcast Festival again this year, doing a maker session called ‘Before You Press Record’.

Usually when a podcast really catches your ear, you can bet the process of ‘producing it’ started well before anyone pressed record.

In this session, I’m going to spend an hour going through everything you should be thinking about to get the best possible quality on tape, when you finally hit the big red button. The session will cover key aspects of content planning, interview preparation and technical considerations as well as tips for getting the best sound out of any space you record in.

When: Saturday 14th September, 2pm

Where: Kings Place, London

Tickets: £8.50

You can read more about the session and book onto it here.

In general, I am really looking forward to this year’s London Podcast Festival! I’ve got some of my tickets already booked and can’t wait for many podcast nerd hangs.

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