His Darker Materials for Spotify

Pretty cool to get to work on a podcast about one of your favourite ever books being adapted into a TV series! The BBC / HBO adaption of His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman has just started coming out. And I am lucky to be doing a little bit of work on this awesome accompanying podcast, His Darker Materials.

It’s a Spotify exclusive, where hosts Helen O’Hara and Dave Corkery, along with cast and crew guests, discuss each episode of the TV show as it comes out. But it also has lots of other cool bits where we leave the studio and go meet people who can talk about the books, the making of the show, and more. It’s a TV show discussion podcast but it’s also much more than that!

I am part of a multi-person team pulling this together, so I am mostly doing things like location recording and other stuff when I am able to. I am so stoked to be involved, as I love these books so much, the TV show is GREAT, and the whole team on this podcast is lovely.

You can listen to the episodes on Spotify as they come out:


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