i hate google meet

I attended this year’s virtual Third Coast Festival (aka Third Place). At one point during it, Maya Goldberg-Safir shared a recording from an anonymous audio producer having an emotional, middle-of-the-night semi-breakdown over how hard she was finding it to produce podcasts over Google Meet during the pandemic. I loved the recording, I thought it was so funny but also captured this incredibly relatable feeling of despair that we’ve all experienced at times this year.

So one Sunday evening, I made this remix of the recording. Afterwards, Maya introduced me to the anonymous producer. It turned out to be Erica Heilman, who makes a show called Rumble Strip in Vermont, USA. Luckily Erica loved my remix!

She ended up putting it on the Rumble Strip feed too: rumblestripvermont.com/2020/10/i-hate-google-meet/

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