VENT Documentaries, Series 3 – podcast from VICE UK x LBOC2020

The third series of VENT Documentaries has dropped and this one is all about Justice. The young people we worked with on this series all had different ideas they wanted to explore, relating to this theme. So we have a series covering systemic racism, social media and “cancel culture”, what happens to kids who get kicked out of school, the importance of archiving social justice movements, whether you can be a lawyer and an activist, and prison abolition.

As always, it was a total pleasure to get to make these documentaries with these amazing young presenters!

VENT Documentaries is part of VENT, a collaboration between VICE UK and Brent 2020, London Borough of Culture. Each episode of the podcast is a standalone documentary, hosted by a different young person from Brent, exploring a topic they care about.

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