Doctor Who: Redacted – BBC Sounds

One of the most fun gigs I’ve got to do in a while! I was asked to come on board for just a few days to do some special sound design on the BBC’s latest Doctor Who podcast, Doctor Who: Redacted.

The show’s lead writer is Juno Dawson, and the producer and director is the brilliant Ella Watts. I’m gonna steal the summary of the series from the BBC’s own website so I don’t accidentally do spoilers… “When a terrifying phenomenon starts redacting the Doctor from reality, three queer women become the world’s only hope.”

And my job on the show was to design the sound of redaction! This was truly such an exciting thing to be offered – a chance to contribute a SOUND to the canon of Doctor Who. I’m so happy I got to do this.

I created the sound of redaction and supplied it as a stand alone piece, and supplied all its constituent parts too. I also had to sound design a number of key scenes featuring redaction. I’ve put a few of the bits I worked on into a playlist on Soundcloud (but be aware listening to these might mean some spoilers for the series):

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