Producer extraordinaire Cathy Fitzgerald has just launched a school for audio storytelling, and I am super excited to have signed up for one of the courses.

I’m doing ‘Voices from the margins’, being taught by Steve Urquhart in September 2017.

The description really speaks to some things I have been thinking about loads lately – in particular how to work with and represent the voices marginalised people in a way that is not reductive, that doesn’t take their stories out of their hands, and that doesn’t just take from communities without giving back.

Although I have lots of ideas for audio work that isn’t about social justice or exploring marginalisation, this is definitely one of the areas I really want to work in. I am trying to work out the ethics of this type of work, and find an approach that feels right for me.

Because I’m trans, I know what it feels like to be part of a marginalised group that is regularly the subject of documentary work (and lots of other media). I have rarely seen it done well, and regularly seen it done in a way that seems extremely unethical and poorly executed. That’s a big part of the reason it’s so important to me to explore how best to work with communities, and marginalised or vulnerable people.

I can’t wait to hear Steve’s thoughts on all this, and to meet other people that want to be having this conversation.

I’m hoping to sign up for other courses from Cathy’s school this year – all the classes look amazing!

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