Creativity Works – Audio production course tutoring

This was my second time being a tutor on an audio course from Creativity Works, along with my friend and colleague in the audio world, Nicole Logan. Creativity Works is a project from the charity A New Direction, which helps young people from London break into the creative industries. Their courses for young people are completely free, and they get an amazing range of teaching from people across the industry, doing workshops, panel discussions, talks, networking, etc.

This course was in ‘audio production’, so it covered live radio and podcast production. Over six weeks, Nicole and myself were course tutors for this amazing cohort of budding audio producers. We spent one day per week with them, running workshops, panel discussions and providing one-to-one support as they worked on creating a 5-10 minute piece to a brief set by Mixcloud.

Their brief was to create a piece that takes listeners on a journey – they could interpret that however they liked. It could be about a physical journey through the world, a journey through musical genres, a journey of self-realisation… For many of the people on the course, this was their first time recording, editing and sound designing audio. I was impressed with what they made.

You can listen to all their pieces on Mixcloud here:

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