WLTM by Scottee, Compass Live Art Festival 2018

I was lucky enough to be the audio producer on a piece of work by Scottee, created as part of the Compass Live Art Festival in Leeds, 2018. WLTM is a project exploring urban isolation and community building. The people of Leeds were invited to nominate their street as “the loneliest street in Leeds”, and of all the nominations, St Peter’s Mount in Bramley was chosen for the project.

^^ I took this photo of St Peter’s Mount while I was there recording.

Scottee and his team wrote to everyone on the street, and spent two weekends knocking on doors to ask people about their lives, interests and the types of people they’d like to meet. Scottee then created estate agent style placards to go outside the houses, in an attempt to get the neighbours talking and see whether any new connections could be forged.

I was there with my mic as the team went door knocking, and made two audio pieces featuring the residents of St Peter’s Mount. You can listen to both pieces below!

WLTM Part 1 

WLTM Part 2 

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