I’m very very excited about things that take what could be a normal radio story and make it into music, combining all the joy of hearing a story with the joy of hearing a song. I tried to play with this idea when I made my piece ‘The toilets at home are all gender neutral‘ recently (although someone described what I made as ‘nightmarish’, so I’m not sure whether the word ‘joy’ applies here…). Anyway, I was very inspired by a few things and I thought I would make a record of what those were, for my own enjoyment.

Here they are, in no particular order:

The Magic Skates by Mad Genius

I first heard this piece on Third Coast’s Re:Sound podcast. It’s so incredibly fun and clever, sometimes I listen to it just to feel nice. Starts properly at about 5:43.

Photochemical by Love + Radio

This episode of Love + Radio (all of which is amazing), opens with several minutes of remixed interview. I love how this podcast puts loads of effort into doing weird, creative things that they don’t *need* to do, but which make the world a 100% better and more interesting place.

I Don’t Know by Andy Mills

I heard this piece when Cathy Fitzgerald played it at an In The Dark / Strange and Charmed collab. around Christmas 2017. I could not love it more. I often get it in my head and walk around singing “AND I GET TO EAT THEM IN THE CAR SOMETIMES!”

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