A few projects I’ve worked on lately: BBC docs and the Wimbledon Radio Channel

I’ve had the chance to do a few nice things lately…

I got to help out on a couple of documentaries produced by David Waters. One was for BBC Radio 3’s Between The Ears slot – a really beautiful documentary called Omay, telling the story of an anthropologist who spent a number of years working in the Amazon rainforest in the 80s.

Working on the doc involved helping to digitise and log a cassette archive – I’m old enough to have had a Sony Walkman back in the day, so it was cool to work with cassettes again (my previous cassette-based work consisting mainly of the creation of a large number of mixtapes and recordings of the best songs off the radio). The crunchy sound of the tape was very nostalgic.

I also worked on a programme for Archive on 4 called A Hack’s Progress, which tells the story of how journalists have been portrayed in fiction over time, and how that’s affected public perception of the profession.

Then mostly recently, I was lucky enough to work as an audio editor at the Wimbledon Radio Channel during the Championships this year. I had a great time, worked very hard, and perhaps most importantly, found myself in the physical presence of Serena Williams two entire times.

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