Fans Shows Workshop, London Podcast Festival Maker Weekend

I’m really excited to be running a workshop at the Maker Weekend part of this year’s London Podcast Festival, along with CJ – who’s my podcast co-host on The Boy Who Hasn’t Lived – and our friend Kobi from The Wire Stripped and Flixwatcher.

Here’s the description of the workshop:

Fan communities are some of the most passionate people out there. And podcasts are an amazing outlet for those communities to gather round and do what they do best – diving deep into the TV shows, books, movies, and other pop culture they love.

CJ and Arlie from the Harry Potter fan podcast The Boy Who Hasn’t Lived, and Kobi Omenaka from The Wire fan podcast The Wire Stripped, present this session on making fan podcasts.

They’ll cover topics including creating your show format, connecting with and building your audience, being critical while keeping it fun, and speaking to a diverse audience. Perhaps most importantly, they’ll talk about how to make a show that invites the listener in, and doesn’t leave them feeling like an outsider eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation.

The format of this session will be a mix of Kobi, CJ and Arlie sharing their knowledge, and workshop elements to help you develop your ideas – whatever stage you’re at.

Our goal is to do a fun, practical session that helps people feel excited and inspired about making their own podcasts. We also want to provide a place for people to build community with other folks who are interested in making podcasts in a similar genre. I’ve always found that having a community of fellow podcasters, even if it’s mostly online, makes the whole experience easier and more fun.

Tickets for the workshop are £6.50 and you can get them at this link.

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