VENT Documentaries – Podcast of the Year at the British Podcast Awards 2021!

This past weekend was the British Podcast Awards and our whole VENT team was totally floored that our show VENT Documentaries won two gold awards for Smartest Podcast and Best Documentary, followed by winning Podcast of the Year??! We were legitimately NOT EXPECTING that ha. We didn’t even realise we could win that award so we were totally shocked and made up. It was such a nice day and we are really happy that this show we put so much love into is getting recognised. I hope it means more people will find and listen to the podcast.

VENT was a project by VICE UK and the London Borough of Culture 2020, where we worked with 15-20 year olds from Brent to make two podcasts – VENT Weekly and VENT Documentaries. The production team for VENT was me, Jess Lawson, Moeed Majeed, Emilia Gill and Kamiah Chae. Our hosts across the two podcasts were Amelia, Nuradean, Santos, Suprina, Khalid, Lily, Kamiah, Foos, Elle, JJ, Shelby, Hibak, Isaiah, Khalil, Layla, Raye, Nora, Kes, Amber and Lauren.

Here’s me, Jess and Moeed picking up the three awards on behalf of everyone and feeling pretty chuffed about it…

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