‘NB’ from BBC Sounds

NB is an eight part series exploring non-binary gender, produced by me and Caitlin Benedict for BBC Sounds. The podcast was created by Caitlin, who also co-hosts with writer, artist and filmmaker Amrou Al-Kadhi.

Episodes are coming out weekly if you’d like to subscribe and listen.

We’ve got a long list of guests in conversation with Caitlin and Amrou, in all sorts of great locations. This is a podcast where non-binary people get to speak at length about their lives, and say exactly what they want to say about their experiences. And I am very happy that we were able to create a space for that.

I think this is quite a special series for a few reasons. The team behind it (Caitlin, Amrou and myself) are all trans and non-binary. Right now, there’s a lot of coverage about trans people in the media, but very little is actually made by people with lived experiences of the topics being discussed. So I think it’s quite a big deal in a way to have the team behind this podcast be people who really understand the subject.

^^ I gatecrashed Caitlin and Amrou’s promo shoot with my cup of tea

It’s been a total pleasure to work on from start to finish, and I hope that other people enjoy listening to it.

You can listen on BBC Sounds or whichever podcast app you use.


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