Animal – BBC Radio 4

Animal is a new series I made with Overcoat Media for BBC Radio 4. It’s presented by the brilliant Blair Braverman, and it’s a documentary series exploring the ways humans relate to other animals.

This is an idea I first developed in 2020, so I was really excited that it finally found home – as a five part series of 14 minute episodes on the BBC. I brought my friend and collaborator Jesse Lawson onboard to co-produce it, so we each took different episodes to lead produce and sound design. I then mixed all the final episodes.

We got to make five stories that I am really proud of and we had a really fun time doing it. Dreamy!

The series is meant to be creative, fun, playful, and not too tied to one particular creative treatment. I wanted each story to be viewed as its own thing, so that as producers we would have the freedom to do whatever felt right creatively for each story. That really made the whole project extra rewarding to work on.

We also worked with Cameron Hay AKA Kameeleon on the awesome artwork for the series. Cam is the tattooist we interviews in the final episode, so it was really cool to also work with him to create the series image.

Here are links to the five eps:

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Can you cure a fear of spiders? Writer and adventurer Blair Braverman presents the story of a phobia – of Scottish night terrors, Carly Simon, and an experiment in hypnosis.

Produced and sound designed by Jesse Lawson, mixed by me.


Blair Braverman dives deep under the surface of the ocean, in search of a more fluid, expansive and communal way to live. In short, she discovers that the ocean is queer.

Produced and sound designed by me, mixed by me.

Swooping Season 

For a few weeks each year, Australian magpies seem to launch random attacks on passers-by. But perhaps we’re only seeing one side of the story. Blair Braverman investigates.

Produced and sound designed by me, mixed by me.


You might think you know the story of the movie Jaws. But writer and adventurer Blair Braverman discovers there’s much more, lurking just beneath the surface.

Produced and sound designed by Jesse Lawson, mixed by me.

Animal Ink

Tigers, snakes, sharks… People love to get animals tattooed on their body. Blair Braverman explores what this says about our attitudes towards animals, and our own identities.

Produced and sound designed by me, mixed by me.


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