I’m an audio producer based in big ol’ London.

I’ve worked on documentaries and podcasts for clients like BBC Sounds, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, VICETate, ChanelThe AllusionistRyanairScottee and Doc Society.

I co-produced the BBC Sounds series ‘NB‘, which aimed to ‘dismantle the gender binary, one big question at a time’ and their recent series about queer families, ‘Pride & Joy‘. I’ve worked with the Gate Theatre‘s young company to teach audio workshops and support their oral history project in Notting Hill, and taught podcasting workshops for the Content Marketing Association, London Podcast Festival and others.

My piece ‘Climb When Ready‘ won the Miller Audio Prize in 2020, in the audio documentary category.

Right now I work as a staff producer in the factual audio team at Somethin’ Else, producing narrative podcast series. Before that I did lots of freelancing, most recently at VICE UK on VENT (a project for Brent 2020, London Borough of Culture), where we made a weekly podcast and a total of 18 one off documentaries in 2020; all with young people from Brent.

You can hear some of my work over on SoundCloud or by looking through the posts on the homepage of this site.

My pronouns are he/him.

My interests

I like working on things that feel meaningful in some way – maybe because they’re fascinating or joyous, or they help us understand the world better, or they’re connected to the arts or culture sectors. I love doing queer stories, and I’m a trans person myself so that’s something I have a particular interest in. I am also very into helping other people learn how to make their own audio projects, and I’d like to work on more projects where I can do teaching, mentoring and that sort of thing.

I get especially excited by audio made by people who don’t normally get listened to, people doing creative things in a DIY way, and people using the medium to explore the ways they’re being marginalised by society (plus how they use audio to push back against that marginalisation).

Ideally I want to work on projects that make the world better somehow. I think that can mean lots of different things, but we all kind of know it when we see it.


In my spare time, I am part of the organising team for Multitrack, an audio producer fellowship aimed at supporting emerging producers from underrepresented backgrounds to get a break into the radio and podcasting industry.

The fellowship provides paid placements at independent production companies, a networking and training programme, and opportunities (and support) to pitch for commissions with platforms like the BBC.

The goal of Multitrack is to provide substantial opportunities for emerging producers, while also pushing production companies (and the wider industry) to address issues of accessibility and inclusivity within radio and podcasting.