Radio documentary on trans childhood – information for potential contributors

Hello! My name is Arlie and I’m a trans audio producer based in London. I’m working on a radio documentary for the BBC at the moment and I’m looking to do some interviews with UK based trans kids and teenagers, and their parents/carers.

About the documentary
The programme will be about trans childhood – both the joys of being a trans child, and the effects of living under the shadow of a moral panic about your existence. The documentary will feature expert contributors explaining the role the media plays in creating moral panics; and the evolution of representations of trans people in the media – focusing on news reporting and the effects that reporting has on the lives of trans kids in particular (from the emotional impact through to the material impact on access to healthcare, etc.).

One of my main goals in this documentary is to give trans kids and teenagers a chance to speak for themselves, and to be represented as fully rounded people who are not just symbols in a debate about gender. I was a trans kid in the UK at a time where there was very little visibility of trans people at all. That has changed a lot in the last few years, but for all the media coverage of trans people, there are very few opportunities for young trans people to speak for themselves. That’s why it’s important to me that I include the voices of trans kids and teenagers in the programme.

For trans children and teenagers – I would like to ask you questions about your lives broadly. For example talking about hobbies, friendships, school life, etc. You would be very welcome to talk about gender if you want to, but you won’t be asked directly about it and won’t be pressured to talk about it. If possible, I would also like to ask parents/carers some questions too – I’d like to understand a bit about your family’s particular experiences with having a trans child and living in the UK.

Any young people and families who take part can be kept anonymous, and I will work with each family to find the best way to ensure that anonymity.

About me
I am trans myself, and some of my relevant previous work has included co-producing the podcast NB for BBC Sounds (about non-binary gender identity), Pride & Joy for BBC Sounds (about queer parenting, presented by Freddy McConnell), various pieces of personal work around trans experience (a couple of examples here and here), and working with a wide range of young people in London through a project called VENT. You can also read more about me and my previous work on my About page.

Who I’m looking to speak to and what happens next
I am hoping to connect with families with a trans child in them, who might be interested in being part of this documentary. For the recordings, ultimately I would like to interview some trans kids and teenagers across a range of ages, ethnicities and locations in the UK. I would be really happy to chat on the phone with anyone who is potentially interested – we can have phone or video call, with no obligation or pressure to take part in the documentary.

As I said above, for anyone who does end up being featured in the documentary, contributions will be audio only (no video or photos will be taken) and can be kept anonymous.

If you are interested in having an initial chat about this, you can email me at arlie (dot) radio (at) gmail (dot) com. Or use the contact form on this site. I’m looking forward to connecting!